-    Sustainability
           -     Responsible Business
           -     Inclusive Business
           -     Climate Change
B-BOVID is a group of company that is comprises of four unique department with each strategically setup to achieve its social impact goal as well as contributes towards B-BOVID Value chain.

Below are the four B-BOVID Departments and the services they offer:



B-BOVID limited consist of the Palm oil mill, Palm kernel oil mill, organic fertilizer processing factory and organic feed processing factory. 

We make the following products:

  • Palm oil mill

  • Palm kernel oil mill

  • Organic fertilizer

  • processing

  • Organic feeds processing

B-BOVID farms includes: Plantation, Nursery, Vegetable farm, Animal farm, Aquaculture, Bee farm, Eco-garden ‘Garden of Eden’ and B-BOVID mart.

Plantation: The company has an oil palm plantation. The plantation is about 10 acres and grown organically. Although the produce from the plantation are taken to the palm oil mill for processing, most of the palm fruit process are brought in by the farmers.


B-BOVID innovation centre includes; ICT in Agriculture Centre, Agricultural Mechanization centre, Alternative Livelihood Centre, Agro-Eco Tourism and Sammy Engineering and Technology Works.

ICT in Agriculture centre: B-BOVID’s modern ICT in agriculture centre is where small scale farmers and the youth are trained and supported to use ICT to improve productivity, access the market and create a platform for knowledge and information sharing.


B-BOVID MART Is the unit of the group that brings our farm product to the consumer as a finished products in form of Agro Product, General Merchant and Organic Restaurant. 

Agro product: It is the B-BOVID market where all kinds of agro product are sold. Starting from seeds, farm implement and all necessary farm input.






Produce and supply high quality organic and biodiversity products such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, vegetable oils, vegetables, and fertilizers for the domestic and international markets.


Become a leading medium-sized company that provides organic and biodiversity products, advocates for ecological farming and brings the best science to bear on the needs of decision makers in relation to the links between human development (people), ecosystems (planet), business (profit) and sustainability.


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