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Issa Quedraogo Challenges Graduates to Venture into Agri-Business

The Chief Executive Officer of Bbovid, an integrated, multi-purpose agri-business development Center based in the Mpohor District of the Western Region, has challenged graduates and the youth of Ghana to venture into agri-business as a viable means of self-employment and sustainable livelihood.

He said Ghana has favorable climatic and weather conditions and a good soil to support viable agri-business of any kind. He has therefore challenged the youth to fully explore the vast opportunities available in agro-industry to achieve their dreams.

Mr. Quedraogo said these during an interaction on News 3, a popular radio station based in Accra. He said many countries do not have the conducive climatic conditions that are abound in Ghana, and yet, they still manage to engage in farming. He said in Saudi Arabia for instance, rainfall is a hard commodity and it is a common practice for prayers to be said for the rains to come.
“The situation in our part of the world is different,” he said. “Not only do we have so much rainfall. People even die as a result of floods. It is therefore unpardonable for graduates and the youth to complain about the lack of jobs when there is so much that they can do to improve their personal economy and that of the nation as whole,” he said.

Mr. Quedraogo said even though agriculture is the cornerstone of our economy, our society largely looks down on farmers. “For many years, the society has made it appear as if agriculture is the poor man’s business. You go through all these struggles and it is like a punishment doing agriculture. Although about 65% of our people in the rural areas are engaged in agriculture, it is mainly on subsistence level.

He called on the government to prioritize the sector and provide significant support for the youth to produce food that we need in Ghana and also for export because there is a huge market in agriculture. Citing the example of Nigeria, Mr. Quedraogo said the government of that country injected about 390 million dollars into that country’s agricultural sector a few years ago, as a major policy shift from the oil sector to agriculture.

While advocating a similar approach here in Ghana to invest in the sector, he urged the youth, especially graduates to change their mentality about agriculture in order to fully explore the sector.

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