B-BOVID MART provides;

  1. Agro product: It is also the B-BOVID market where all kinds of agro product are sold. Starting from seeds, farm implement and all necessary farm input.

  2. General merchant: The general merchant includes; B-BOVID abattoir for cattle, sheep and goat and for pigs, organic produce such as vegetables, fish, meat etc

  3. Organic restaurant: B-BOVID restaurant uses only organically produce ingredient. The restaurant will serve but not limited to the companies in and around Ahanta West and Mpohor East district.




B-BOVID mart ensures a healthy living in our community through the sales of our organic farm products such as livestock, aqua-culture products, organic vegetables and fruits.




Produce and supply high quality organic and biodiversity products such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, vegetable oils, vegetables, and fertilizers for the domestic and international markets.


Become a leading medium-sized company that provides organic and biodiversity products, advocates for ecological farming and brings the best science to bear on the needs of decision makers in relation to the links between human development (people), ecosystems (planet), business (profit) and sustainability.


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