B-BOVID innovation centre includes; ICT in Agriculture Centre, Agricultural Mechanization centre, Alternative Livelihood Centre, Agro-Eco Tourism and Sammy Engineering and Technology Works.

  1. ICT in Agriculture centre: B-BOVIDís modern ICT in agriculture centre is where small scale farmers and the youth are trained and supported to use ICT to improve productivity, access the market and create a platform for knowledge and information sharing. The ICT in agriculture centre is where capacity building training workshop is organized for the youth and farmers. The training focuses on sustainable organic agriculture, management and marketing skills for smallholder farmers and the importance of practicing climate smart agriculture to improve farmersí yields while conserving the environment. Our ICT in agriculture centre is the only one in the country.

  2. Agricultural Mechanization centre: As part of B-BOVID work, we run a well-equipped agricultural mechanization centre, the only one in the Central and Western Region which provides smallholder farmers with access to modern machinery at subsidized rates. Labour saving equipment such as tractors, farm delivery trucks, trailers, a range of different ploughs, backhoes, wind mill, irrigation pumps and sprinkles can be borrowed. The aim is to support farmers in land preparation and other farming activities so they can move from subsistence farming to commercial farming and generates more income. The mechanization centre supports small scale farmers with modern agricultural machines at subsidized rates.

  3. Alternative livelihood centre: The alternative livelihood centre was established to showcase alternative means of generating income and to facilitate training/workshops for farmers in the rural communities. The centre has animal husbandry demonstration farm, vegetable demonstration garden and demonstration fish farming. The demonstration farms are used to give a first-hand practical knowledge during training and workshop. The alternative livelihood centre is the largest in the country.

  4. Agro-Eco tourism: B-BOVID agro-eco tourism is described as a recreational activity offered on B-BOVID agricultural setting. It creates a new form of entertainment, education and healthy activities for the public. During tourism, tourist will tour all the agricultural site and properties of B-BOVID GROUP OF COMPANIES and have food, fruit and drinks at B-BOVID organic restaurant and eco-garden.

  5. Sammy Engineering and Technology works (SAM-EN-TECH): This is an engineering workshop established to give engineering student a practical experience in the engineering industry. Student will be taught fabrication of different machine part, instillation of machine and operating of machines especially in the food technology and processing machines.



B-BOVID INNOVATION CENTRE introduces youth and student to modern transformative and innovative agriculture that will attract more youth to venture into agriculture as a business. High productivity through modern agricultural mechanization, improve the performance of farming system and facilitate the transformation from the subsistence to commercial farming.

B-BOVID INNOVATION CENTRE will serve as a platform where knowledge and experiences will be shared among the rural communities. It will also translate research document/ finding to the language of the rural communities. The company will contribute to food security and to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of rural small scale rural farmers and their communities.

Supporting this initiative will improve the livelihood of the rural poor since agriculture plays a crucial role in contributing to the major socio-economic development objectives: food security, GDP growth, employment, improved nutrition and poverty alleviation.



Produce and supply high quality organic and biodiversity products such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, vegetable oils, vegetables, and fertilizers for the domestic and international markets.


Become a leading medium-sized company that provides organic and biodiversity products, advocates for ecological farming and brings the best science to bear on the needs of decision makers in relation to the links between human development (people), ecosystems (planet), business (profit) and sustainability.


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